A Toastmaster’s Experience – 31 July 2018

The Toastmasters experience could be likened to a big smorgasbord, with many different
tastes to sample and savour.  The Big Fulfilling dinner, the one that deeply satisfies, and
raises levels of awareness and self esteem, is available to everyone, no exceptions!

In a talk given by Mark Paton, he looked back at himself – April 2014 – when signing up
as a brand-new member, and marvels at the changes in himself.  He had a less than wonderful workplace experience when giving a presentation, one day, and came away from it desperate to improve himself.

Fast forward to 2018, and a different Mark.  He delivers speeches with confidence and
professionalism these days, as well as leadership roles, in a manner that others would
admire and wish to emulate.  This is a “before and after” transformation that reminds
us we can all walk those steps of the thousand mile journey, as taught so long ago by the
Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu.  One step at a time, mindfully, with intention.

Mark challenged us all to act NOW, and not sit back, wishing and wondering the HOW?
This is sound advice.  Don’t let fear steal your personal power.  The second of his three
points for success is: choosing friends wisely will determine what you become.  Be careful
who you let into your close circle.

And thirdly, “the art of communication is the language of leadership”; this tool opens many,
many doors, beyond your wildest imaginings (unquote).  To paraphrase Mark: “put in the
effort, learn from others (people, after all, are like books) while changing yourself from
within.  Our human potential, simply put, is deep like a bottomless lake!

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