International Speech and Evaluation Contest on 19-November

Tonight’s meeting was packed and we needed extra chairs to accomodate visitors. It’s held every year. We had a prepared speech contest where the winner can eventually compete internationally, and an evaluation contest where we have a guest speaker and all the contestants evaluate that speaker.

In the Evaluation Contest, our guest speaker who was announced on the night, was Gustaf. He delivered an inspiring speech on Generation Greta. He revealed how many big brand grocery products that are packed and sold in Australia are actually made and imported from overseas. And he encouraged us to buy local as opposed to foreign products. He also had a bigger vision. He explained how the younger generation are actually hard working and passionate people, despite many criticisms that they are lazy.

After his speech, the contestants were escorted outside to individually prepare for their evaluations. Then each contestant returned to the stage to deliver an evaluation of Gustaf’s speech.

For the Evaluation Contest, the winners are:

  • 1st: Ross Richard
  • 2nd: Simon West
  • 3rd: Veronica Bowden

For the International Speech, the winners are:

  • 1st: William Leong
  • 2nd: Ross Richard
  • 3rd: Clare Fraga

William shared a touching story about a wife and a husband, and what happened when the wife discovered that she only had three months to live.

Ross’s speech was about The Lazy Brain.

Clare’s message for the audience was to “Be Bold”, and she used the story of a stuttering child to inspire the audience.

Chris’s message was that Truth is Personal, and that common wisdom and statistics can be beaten by the choices we make.

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