Humorous Speech Contest on 15th August 2017

We had a massive turnout, with nine excellent speakers competing in our club’s Humorous Speech Contest.

Rowan Kunz was first place winner. His speech title was “The Professional Procrastinator”. He took over the stage, charmed and captivated his judges and audience as always. Congratulations Rowan!

Rowlanda Orchiston was second place winner. Her speech title was “I Talk to the Trees”. It was a very entertaining story about some embarassing moments when she was a school kid.

Jason Xu was third place winner. His speech title was “Names”. A very funny take on how names can become a big deal.

Mark Paton’s speech was titled “The Worst Decision Of My Life”. He didn’t make it to the top 3, but he’s agreed to share his video so that we can learn from it.

The other speakers also delivered captivating speeches. Their names and speech titles are below:

Tuo Zeng – “Tuo”
Vicky Mina – “A Man’s Best Friend”
Siva Hesavan – “I Don’t Want To Go To Kids Parties Anymore”
Mel Colgar – “Midlife Crisis”
Christopher Tso – “Delegate Before You Do Anything”

Well done to all contestants and everyone who helped create a fantastic evening.

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