Club Meeting on 7-Apr-2020

Tonight, we had the second virtual meeting via Zoom with a contemporary theme – World Health Day. We had an amazing attendance of 17 people, including one visitor brought by our new member, Jonathan.


At the beginning of the meeting, Molly made a very touching and uplifting toast to health. During this incredibly difficult time, everyone seems to realise and cherish many things that we take as granted before the pandemic, for instance, health. We paid our respect to our frontline health professionals who are selflessly committed to confront the pandemic, fight the virus and save lives.

Table Topics

At the table topic section, Helena asked members to use their imagination and picture their normal but wonderful life post-Covid-19.

Questions like:

  • what holiday destination would you go after the lockdown,
  • what career choice you would like to make after the lockdown,
  • who would be your first guest to have dinner with after the lockdown.

It’s interesting but not surprising that a common element was brought among answers from various members – outdoors. Let’s embrace nature and meet our loved ones as soon as the whole virus thing is over!

Prepared Speeches

In the second half of the meeting, we enjoyed three great speeches: two icebreakers and one level 1 speech.

Our first speaker, Aanchal made her first speech “twenty-four years in six minutes” in which she talked about her childhood, her high school years, her college life and finally, her passion on public speaking.

Our second icebreaker was presented by Jonathan with the title “to what degree should a government be able to improve its will upon its citizen?!” A very controversial and deep question to ask during this pandemic era. In his speech, Jonathan discussed the differences between authoritarian vs libertarian governments. He inspired the audience to discuss which one might be a better system for pandemic control.

Andre was our last speaker of the night. In his speech, he showed everyone some beautiful photos and shared four tips on photography, namely: tools, light, direction and pose or not pose.

Happy Easter!

The night ended with warm greeting among members to each other – stay well, Happy Easter & we will “meet” in two weeks time!

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