Club Meeting on 11-Feb-2020

We all gathered with anticipation for our 7:15pm start. The meeting theme was “Don’t cry over split milk”. There were many stories told on the night where people were able to look at the light side of some challenging situations.

Cherylin conducted the Table Topics Master role. Her questions focused on what you would do to deal with an unfortunate event.

Prepared Speeches

We had 2 great speeches from Chris and William.

William practiced his speech for the upcoming Area 2 International Speech Contest “How much time would you need to live peacefully. He gave an inspirational speech where the character Joyce found out from the doctor her family member had been diagnosed with cancer. William received a round robin evaluation which was facilitated by the Toastmaster Johnny. We wish William all the best in the Contest on Sunday 23rd Feb 2019 at Dundas.

Chris treated us with an ice breaker for the second prepared speech of the evening. He talked about what has happened in his life during the last 2 years since he did his last ice breaker. It’s been an eventful time for Chris getting married, changing careers and really developing as a person.

John Inglis did an education on how mind mapping can help generate ideas and structure for your speeches. We all choose a topic and wrote down the top 3 things we would discuss for the body. John then randomly picked up one out of the pile and did a 2 minute table topic on it. It was a brilliant idea and a nice change to the normal meeting agenda.


We continued our strong start to the year and another fun meeting. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting on Tues 25th Feb.

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