Club Meeting on 10-Mar-2020

“Awesome” was the theme of tonight’s meeting. Indeed we had an awesome gathering with four visitors and our regular members.

Alicia, who was just inducted as a member, delivered her first Toast about “awesome”.

Ross taught us a very special Word of the Night “wabi sabi”, which means imperfection in Japanese.

Table Topics

During the Table Topics session, every participant was given a statement, and asked talk about why they agree with the statement in the first half of their statement, and why they disagree in the second half of their speech. Our six speakers all did interesting and inspiring short speeches within 1:30 minutes. Here were some of the questions:

  • Happiness comes from within
  • It’s better to be born as a man
  • You can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it

Prepared Speeches

In the second half of the meeting, we had three speakers from various levels in Pathways.

“Don’t talk. Just do it”. William, the speaker, represented the club in the area contest and won the first place of humorous speech few weeks ago. He practised his speech in the meeting and gathered valuable feedback from his peers and visitors which hopefully would help him make further improvement in the next round of the contest.

“Risk, Reward and Regret”. Chris, the speaker, did a spontaneous speech, but full of wisdom and humour. At the end of the speech, we all self-tested our maths levels and learnt valuable lessons on stock investment.

“Covid-19”. Mark talked about a contemporary issue, and once again, he did a wonderful job in researching, preparing and delivering his speech. We all learnt the virus “inside out” after his speech.

At the end of the meeting, our four guests made valuable comments and we sincerely hope they will come back and visit us again!

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