Club Meeting 28th Sep 2021


Due to COVID restrictions, the WPH Toastmasters meeting no. 638, was held online using Zoom. It was attended by 10 members and in addition, we had the honour of having the Area Director, Kalinga Wijeyewardene, as a guest for the evening.

The theme on the meeting was Metaverse – a virtual universe, made up of shared 3D virtual spaces.


The Toast of the Night was delivered by Shirley, who helped us understand what Metaverse meant and the wonder of the ever-expanding English language. We raised our glasses and drank to the creators of the English language.

Word of the night

Chris came up with the word of the night, “Scale”, at very short notice. He aligned to the theme of the evening, referring to the scale of the Metaverse. He defined the word, used it in examples to illustrate its meaning and recommended that the Toastmasters use it throughout the evening to practice including it in our vocabulary.


Jonathan was the Lasughmaster for the evening and made us laugh before he opened his mouth with squeaky background noises. He followed with a few funny jokes which received a laugh or two.


Juergen presented a 15 minute educational which was entertaining, captivating and thought provoking. He shared with the Toastmasters, a personal story, of when he started in Toastmasters in South Africa and how Toastmasters became a constant as he moved around the world. He left us this a strong message “Define your goals and make every opportunity count”.


Carolina was the Table-topics Master for the meeting and used the theme for the night as inspiration for some very challenging and ruthless topics. Her laugh was evil and her glee visible as she watched the speakers squirm when the heard the topics. Even so, the Toastmasters stepped up to the challenge and responded with imaginative responses. The agenda item was enjoyed by all.  The table topic speeches were evaluated by Mugu and Johnny.

Prepared Speeches

We were very privileged to hear two excellent speeches.

Simon presented his speech titled “Human Park”. The objective of his project was to present a speech using descriptive language. As always, Simon’s speech was well structured with a strong message. He took us through the Rat Park experiments, which was a series of experiments on drug addition, painting a visual picture with words. He then drew an analogy to humans and society, thus the title “Human Park”. Simon’s speech was evaluated by Harper.

Johnny delivered a speech called “A different war” which had the COVID vaccination as the central theme. He succinctly put forward his point of view and reasons for taking the vaccine. Johnny’s speech was evaluated by Caroline.  


A very enjoyable evening with high-caliber speeches and content. These were the words from Kalinga’s short presentation during the evening. The novel theme “Metaverse” set the tone for the evening and was weaved into the Toast and Word of the Night. The Educational had insightful content and was presented in a professional and captivating manner. Lastly the 2 speeches were presented by experienced speakers which demonstrated their presentation skills with descriptive language and appropriate gestures.

The next meeting is on the 12th October. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Written by Clare Fraga

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