Club Meeting on 23 Oct 2018

Halloween was our theme this week. Johnny proposed a Toast with a skull-imprinted cup which looked menacing. Christopher delivered a Word of the Night, “automatic”, which had everyone’s phone automatically ringing at the same time, with a voice on the other end asking them to use the word. It was a meeting with tricks, and we delivered.

Table Topics

Table Topics, hosted by Eran Halevi, continued on this theme. He asked us eight questions that drew from our personal memories and opinions of Halloween. Here were the top three:

  • Parents tell kids not to take candy from strangers. Why is this an exception in Halloween?
  • If Toastmasters had a Halloween party, what would you dress up as?
  • Halloween is American tradition. Why celebrate it in Australia?

Of Ships, and Shells, and Sparkling Sea

The 1st speaker, Rowlanda, talked about the importance of one’s imagination, believing in the power we all possess in accessing what creates our reality, and what created the Opera House. She tracked the key figures who shaped its creation, charting it all as a drama… an opera in itself. She got the audience to imagine Jorn Utzon working on his winning entry, in 1956, and closing by mentioning the use of a didgeridoo player on the sail of the Opera House, at the opening of the Invictus Games. All reminders of the wonderful creativity we all have.

Do Not Privatise the ABC

The 2nd speaker was Vicki, who spoke about a subject clearly a passion with her. It was on the independence of the ABC. She covered its excellence in so many areas, whether in sports, current affairs, childrens’ programmes, drama and entertainment. She pointed out how fortunate we are to have a national broadcaster that is focused on keeping independence, high standards, and remaining in public ownership…. unlike the United States’ commercially swamped public broadcast system which has lost its ability to remain the force it once was. She spoke with affection, appreciation and carefully researched material that struck a chord with everyone.

Authored by Rowlanda Orchiston. Edited by Chistopher Tso.

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