Discord – Online Group Chat for Toastmasters


WPH Toastmasters has a private Facebook Group where members, ex-members and visitors can share ideas, guidance, tips and strategies, ask for help, and keep updated on events available to Toastmasters members. However, we soon came across on limitations with the Facebook group. While it served us well for announcements and one-off discussions, it was not effective for collaborative and ongoing discussions.

We’ve reviewed a number of apps, such as WhatsApp and Slack, and eventually decided that Discord was the best platform to use for facilitating discussions outside of club meetings. Discord was originally designed for the gaming community, but it has rapidly become popular with other communities as well.

It’s very easy to get started on Discord. It’s only a 3-step process.

You simply click on the invite link (emailed to you separately). If you’re on Android, you’ll see the Google Play Store. If you’re on iOS, Web or Desktop, the steps should be similar.

Click on “Install”.

After the install, you should see a “Welcome to Discord” screen.

Enter your username, email address and password that you want to use, then click Register.

Congratulations for making this far! You should now have access to the WPHTM Discord Chat Server. The rooms you have access to depends on whether you’re a visitor, a member or an executive. If you’re an executive, you will have access to all rooms.

So please, jump right into the conversation. This group will only be as great as our members, ex-members and future members make it.

President’s Distinguished – 10/10 Goals

WPH Toastmasters once again achieved the highest recognition for success. We achieved 10 of 10 DCP goals, earning us President’s Distinguished status.

We thank the current executive for making 2017/18 year a success.

President – Mark Paton
VP of Education – Christopher Tso
VP of Membership & VP of Public Relations – Mel Colgar
Secretary – Jussine Tan
Treasurer – Hannah Le
Sergeant at Arms – Rowlanda Orchiston
Immediate Past President – Rowan Kunz
Club Mentor – Shirley Childs

Also, we thank all our members for creating such an enjoyable learning environment, and inspiring others with their rapid personal growth during the year.

We’re positive that the new executive will build on this year’s foundation and 2018/19 will be a truly transformational year for our club.