Club Meeting 3rd May 2022

Tonight’s meeting theme is “Space Travel”. What an exciting topic to imagine your travel in the universe, potentially to meet Elon Musk on Mars! It was one of the most exciting meetings, with the presence of three visitors and one of our most experienced members – “Rowan Kunz”.

Having known that no human has ever gone beyond Earth’s orbit, Simon Jia led a toast to “live long and prosper”. In the universe, we are all peregrine workers exploring its vast expanse. “Peregrine” was the word of the night. I still cannot help laughing out loud with Laugh-master – Clare’s joke: What is two-headed monster? The answer is “Hello, Hello”, while turning your head from left to right.  

The table topics today was quite challenging and full of fun. The highlighted questions include:

  1. You are a Russian astronaut in an international space station. You know that Russia has invaded Ukraine. How will you get along with other astronauts in space?
  2. You discover exotic flora and fauna in another planet, which can cure cancer. But if you bring the plants back to the earth, it will kill all other plants. Would you bring it?
  3. You travel to a parallel universe where you see yourself powerful and wealthy. However, your parallel self is sick. You can take his place, but you must leave your family. Would you like to travel to the parallel universe?
  4. Aliens designed humans as an experiment. The alien told you they will terminate humans because the experiment is finished. How would you respond to the Aliens?

Take a moment to think, how would you answer the above questions from the Table Topic Master?

In the prepared speeches session, we had 3 speakers.

“The origin story” – Rowan Kunz presented his icebreaker speech to introduce his life journey and how he ended up choosing education because he valued it the most in his life. Like most of us, by going with the traditional flow organised by parents, working hard in university but without any clue where we are going, he eventually found his way by consistently asking himself “How do I get motivated? Who am I?” Now as a successful business entrepreneur, with tutoring business across Australia, he inspired us to think and ask ourselves “Who are you?”. He is definitely the superstar spiritual model for young generations.

“Unreasonable or not” – Paul started his speech with George Bernard Shaw’s quote “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” He introduced the John F. Kennedy’s achievements whose unreasonable ideas facilitated space exploration and human progression. What an amazing concept Paul brought to us!

“A mentor makes the world a better place” – Here we are with our club’s barrel full of laughs – Caroline. Who would treat TV as a mentor? Caroline did. Caroline shed a light on a new perspective that numerous kids leant from TV nowadays. For example, in Harry Potter, Dumbledore told Harry “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” However, it also reminded us of the pro and cons from TV without proper supervision. She also talked about her work mentors, who can be open to questions or can be brilliant at office politics. We never lack different types of mentors in our life, aren’t we?     

I really enjoyed this meeting. If you want to attend or participate in our meetings, feel free to contact our club for further details. We meet every Tuesday night at 42A Hill Road West Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia 2125.

Club Meeting on 16-Jun-2020

Tonight we had our seventh virtual meeting via Zoom with the theme being “International Day of YogaJune 21. The word Yoga means to join or to unite in Sanskrit. This is a good way to spread awareness of how yoga and other exercises can improve our health, especially during COVID-19. We had an attendance of 12 people including two visitors – Rachael Jordan and Lee Buckley. 


Johnny made a thought-provoking toast to the notion of ‘forgiveness’. He enlightened us to forgive when someone close hurt us or things aren’t going well by sharing his own life experience.

Word of the night

Rachael picked the word “proficient” to reflect on her decision to join Toastmasters to become a proficient speaker. 


Johnny announced that he would reward anyone $1000 who can squeeze juice out of already squeezed lemon. He role played different people who tried unsucessfully to get any juice out. Then finally, someone was able to squeeze 6 drops. When Johnny asked what that person does for work, she answered “the tax office”. His expression made us laugh throughout his act, and the ending made us laugh even harder.

Evaluation workshop

The guest speaker, Lee Buckley, was the director in Division 70 and still members in several clubs. She gave a much-needed educational segment on ‘how to evaluate’, with online presentation advice. For example, gestures should fit in camera frame, and do not move too fast otherwise it becomes blurry.

Prepared Speeches

In the second half of the meeting, we had three speakers, Shirley, Mark and Jonathan. Their speeches are all related to communication.

Shirley’s “Smashed Avocado on Toast” reminded us that holding back one’s tongue can be more powerful than words. She introduced three different realities: the first one is the facts itself, the second is the perception on the same fact and the third is different expert views on reality. Understanding that your perception of reality is different from others will help to hold your tongue before making any judgement. 

Mark’s “The Secret Communication” covers advantages and disadvantages of two communication styles. The first is direct communicator style. The direct communicator style usually occurs in a deadline-driven work environment, but it can be demanding on others rather than supportive. The second is initiating style. The initiating style is relationship-based and more welcomed, but it can lack of analysis which can cause deadlines to be delayed. To achieve the most effective outcome, he enlightened us to listen more than talk. 

Jonathan talked about “My Communication Style” noting how his communication style has evolved over the years. Initially he was good at communicating with people like himself. Gradually he expanded to be able to speak to anyone. To achieve this, he said that we should view communication as connection with others with full of empathy and curiosity.  


Thank you to all evaluators who provided valuable constructive feedback and also Lee Buckley’s educational speech. Also, we have Chris who created an online timer for club meetings. To conclude, it was an enjoyable meeting with full of proficient tips to become a better communicator.