Club Meeting on 19-May-2020

Tonight we had our fifth virtual meeting via Zoom. The chairman, Shirley, announced the theme as ‘Leadership’, which has a unique definition for every individual. We had an attendance of 15 people, and we are so grateful for the ongoing dedication and adaptable nature of our members!


Jonathan gave a heart-warming toast to the notion of ‘normality’, celebrating Australia’s steady improvement, in regard to the COVID-19 situation.

Word of the Night

William picked the simple word “wait”, enlightening us with the fact that sometimes, the meanings of the most commonly used words are often not considered.


Shirley led the election with flair and experience, allowing outgoing executive members to share the duties within their roles first. Congratulations to our incoming executive for 2020-21!

  • President – Christopher Tso
  • Vice President of Education – Johnny Manolelis
  • Vice President of Membership – Clare Fraga
  • Vice President of Public Relations – Jonathan Lau
  • Secretary – Mark Paton
  • Treasurer – Andre van Woerkom
  • Sergeant at Arms – Raj Wadnere

It was lovely to see members nominate each other, in the spirit of mutual growth and taking what opportunities come your way.


Clare made us all laugh, as we imagined Johnny having an awkward conversation at the Soccer World Cup!

Prepared Speeches

For the 2nd half of the night, we heard from 3 speakers – Jonathan, Johnny and Christopher.

Sleep Jonathan conducted research on this topic and confirmed that sleep is critical to optimal functioning and should be prioritised more. Sleep deprivation has poor impacts on our concentration and immune system and, even gives false blood test results! He advised to try writing a to do list for the next day to avoid overthinking in bed and avoid taking sleeping pills.

Icebreaker Johnny gave a heart-warming and inspirational speech, as he began his new ‘Visionary Leadership’ Course. He shared some key highlights from his childhood that led him to be the person he is today, and why Toastmasters makes him “the best man he can be”. We are privileged to be a part of your journey Johnny!

Dream Team” – Christopher graciously took us through his thought process when deciding which company to work for. His impressive excel spreadsheet included factors, such as mentoring, time management, mindset, job security, skills transferability and business impact.


Thank you to all our evaluators throughout the evening, as feedback is crucial to each of our journeys. To conclude – John reinforced the value of outgoing President’s wisdom during and after handover, while Raj warmly thanked members for a rewarding evening. Indeed, leadership is a multi-faceted and ever-growing concept that our members were thrilled to discuss – an inspiring evening!

Club Meeting on 5-May-2020

Tonight, we had the fourth virtual meeting via Zoom with the theme being “National Youth Week”. We had wonderful night on discussion on Youth Week, and many stories to share about between 11 of us. 


Jonathan opened the night with toast about Youth Week. He talked about the meaning of Youth Week, which is an opportunity for youths to share their ideas, passions, and concerns affecting their lives. Due to Covid 19, all the events had been modified. He also led us to think positive side is to be able to improve new skills and ideas.

Word of the night

Vicky taught us the word “culinary”, which uses in the good kitchen, also gave some examples of this word.


William shared a real story about his mum when she got lost in Auckland. Since she did not know the English language, she could only describe what she could see – the “super moon” – which only happened once over last 18 years. 

Table Topics

Clare was the Table Topics master of the night. All the questions put is into deep-thought and imagination, as we gave advice as if we were still young. The chosen members all did wonderful speeches within 1:30 minutes.

Questions like:

  • Why do you think it’s important for youth to speak up?
  • Do you think the youth of today have it easy?
  • If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 16 year old self? 

Prepared Speeches

In the second half of the meeting, we had three speakers from various levels in Pathways. 

How I created a volunteer organization”. Johnny talked about his leadership experience by sharing his story on starting a volunteer organization. He also shared 6 aspects that he applied and become a great leader.

“Office work and Spinal Health”. Mel did a very interesting and knowledgeable speech about how we could injure ourselves by incorrect sitting posture and how to correct it. Mel played the role of health consultant, and Clare was the client.

Do you laugh?” William’s speech had a great sense of humor. He shared how he used positive thinking to resolve problems in his personal life. He reminded us to laugh whenever we face a hard time – “Laughter is medicine for our life. We should turn our problems into humour. Then our sadness to laughter. Then we will all live longer and happier.”


Everyone enjoyed tonight, and we are all getting used to the virtual meeting. Looking forward seeing each other again in two weeks’ time.